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Wood & Resin End Table

Imagine yourself as a nice, strong hard maple tree chilling in the backyard of a lovely ranch home in eastern Iowa.  You love your space in the backyard—watching kids run through the sprinklers beneath your branches in the summer and sledding down the hill during the winter.  As maple trees go, you have a pretty sweet life, no pun intended.  Until one day it all changes.  There is an especially wet spring and you don’t feel so good. Maybe you start feeling a little colder than normal and shiver.  Your leaves have yellow spots.  Oh please, say it isn’t so! Anything but root rot!  Not only have you come down with the rot, but a whole colony of carpenter ants has taken up residence throughout your root system, trunk, and branches.  It’s like a 24-hour ant tunnel party—all day, every day—until that fateful day when you meet your end.  You say goodbye to the nice family who has taken care of you and watch as the first limbs come down, then your trunk. All that is left —a sad, lonely stump in the ground.

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