Tools, Materials, & Resources

This page contains affiliate links to the most common tools, materials and resources I use to produce my furniture and other items.  Since they are affiliate links, if you purchase through these links you will be supporting me as I receive a small percentage from the total sale.


Small Spray Shelter with Straps

The home Right Spray Shelter Air Flow provides the perfect area to spray paint or stain on a variety of small to medium sized do-it-yourself projects.  The spray shelter has dimensions of 35"W x 30"D x 39"H.  The straps on the shelter allow the user to add a 20" x 20" fan and a 20" x 20" Merv 8 filter for improved air flow and ventilation.


Safety face shield

Features the Monogoggle XTR with indirect ventilation and a polycarbonate shield for full fact protection. Shield detaches from the goggle.  Curved face shield conforms to shape of face offering added protection.







carving attachment - king Arthur's holey galahad

Open a window to your work.  Experience this unique new "see-through" technology.  These discs provide a unique ability to see the surface you are carving as you work.  You'll notice an immediate difference.  Holey Galahad quickly allows you to shap peaks and valleys into smooth surfaces as you see them, eliminating the need to "feel" the high and low spots.  These extremely sharp, long wearing conical teeth provide superior surface removal with very smooth action.


portable work bench with clamps

Take on your favorite projects in whole new way with the innovative WORX Pegasus.  The Pegasus is a versatile work station that converts from a table to a sawhorse in seconds.  It can be joined with other Pegasus tables to create a larger work surface and includes a dual clamping system to hold an object securely in place.


wood & fabric dye

Wood & Fabric Dye


Clear epoxy resin

Clear Epoxy Resin