Bar Stool with Swivel, Green

Bar Stool with Swivel, Green

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Wood and metal bar stool with swivel. The bar stool seat is a carved seat made of cedar wood and dyed green using a fabric dye and finished with several coats of lacquer with a matte finish. The base is a steel base with flat black enamel paint. The stool includes the swivel mechanism.

These bar stools are perfect for a kitchen island or a basement bar. The dyed seats provide a pop of color for any bold home interior.

Approximate Dimensions:

18”W x 16” D x 34” H

Intended for inside use only. Do not leave in direct sunlight for more then 3 to 4 hours, any longer can cause the color to fade. To clean wipe with a damp cloth.

Made by hand by Katie Freeman in Iowa City

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Below is a video that demonstrates the process for creating these stools.