Diary of a #Mompreneur, Day 34 - With Guest Katie of Addicted2DIY

Date: September 3, 2018

YTD 2018 Product Sold: $1,356

Finished Inventory Currently on Hand: $13,109

Money raised for Domestic Violence Intervention Program of Iowa City: $136

On Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with a few maker moms.  The first was Katie from Addicted2DIY.  I really enjoyed my conversation with Katie and learning more about her journey to becoming DIYer extraordinaire along with a Mom of two.  Here is a bit of that interview.  Scroll to the bottom for the audio file of the full interview.

1.      Please introduce your self

I’m Katie, I blog at Addicted2diy.com and in October I’m going to be celebrating my 5th bloggerversary.  Its crazy to think its been 5 years already, but it’s been a really fun ride. I have two boys, 12 and 10.


2.      How Long have you been a DIYer and how did you get started?

So, I got started with DIY a little over 5 years ago.  It was more out of necessity, we were on a single income and couldn’t afford to buy new furniture for our house.  So, I convinced my husband that we should just start building furniture.  A couple years prior we had bought our forever home and it was a fixer upper. So, we were doing projects around the house, but as far as really diving deep into DIY and building furniture, that started a couple of years later when we wanted to decorate and had no budget to do so.


3.      How did that turn into the blog?

I was sharing all of my projects that I was doing on Facebook.  I was creating some projects from Anna White plans, and also some original plans and I just felt that was a natural transition, sharing all of that on the website. Its gone light years beyond what I ever thought it would be.  I’m still learning about all the things it could be. I had no idea that it would become a business that I could actually make a full-time income from.


4.      Was that the first time you ever picked up a tool or did you have previous experience with tools?

I don’t have a deep background.  In high school I was on the construction team for the theater department. So, we built all of the sets and stuff, but that was literally a bunch of high school kids running around using saws who had zero training.  And when I look back now I think how terrifying that is.  That was pretty much the only experience I had.  My husband had experience so I used to actually text him when he was at work like “Hey I’m going to use the saw now,” and text him when I was done, “Hey I’m done now, didn’t cut off any fingers”.  I was a little uncomfortable with it at first, but I just kept pushing myself to learn more and more. So now I pretty much work along.


Listen to the full interview below!

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