Diary of a #Momprenuer, Days 50 - 55

Date: September 24, 2018

YTD 2018 Product Sold: $1,522

Finished Inventory Currently on Hand: $14,153

Money raised for Domestic Violence Intervention Program of Iowa City: $152

Whoa, where did that week go!  Lots of great things have happened in the course of a week.  All those great things have been, well, great, but they also equate to a lot of work!  First of all, a week ago tomorrow I was contacted via Instagram by a new store/gallery that has just opened here in downtown Iowa City, called The Makers Loft.  They were very interested in having my stuff join the collection of Iowan makers items for sale in their new space.  So, met with them the following day, found out all the details and decided to jump all in.  They are having a grand opening party on October 5th.  Now, that is less then 2 weeks away.  I may be slightly in a panic mode.  I know this has the possibility of being an absolutely HUGE opportunity for me, but it brings with it two weeks of scrambling to get enough inventory to make a statement within the space.  I will be working on several tables, like 6, and then several small items like plenty of coasters and wine bottle holders along with some trays and bowls.  Still not 100% sure how I will get it all done in time for the 5th.  I know there will probably come a time just a couple days before the 5th where I will have to make the executive decision of what’s getting cut from the list in order to ensure the rest can get done.

So, you would think, in this frantic, anxiety ridden tizzy that I locked myself in the shop all weekend and worked.  Well, nope!  I spent the weekend soaking up time with my family.  We went to my parent’s on Saturday to celebrate the September birthdays, which is a lot in my family.  My wife and I share the same birthday, and my Mom is just 3 days after ours.  It was fun getting to spend time with everyone.  Then on Sunday we went to a pet store with the kids, played with some bunny rabbits and giggled at puppies.  Had high adventure at a new park, and ended the evening having dinner at a very family friendly brewery in town.  We were tired from a busy and fun weekend, but my soul sure felt fed.  Time with the family definitely keeps me centered and focused on the “why” behind all the hustle.

Biggest wins for the day: Plenty of fun filled family time.

Opportunities for improvement: Staying focused on the “why” when new opportunities can seem a bit overwhelming.

P.S. Looking for a great family friendly brewery in Iowa City, check out Big Grove. The outdoor space is really amazing right now with a tire tower for the kids to climb along with corn hole, table tennis, foosball and so much more!

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