Diary of a #Mompreneur, Day 8

Date: August 8, 2018

YTD 2018 Product Sold: $1261.50

Finished Inventory Currently on Hand: $11,638

Lots to do, but that’s not really anything new right?  I mean all Mom’s, heck, all parents are busy.  We all have kid stuff, spouse stuff, house stuff, work stuff that we go through day after day.  Rinse, wash, and repeat!  I think the important thing is that during all of the rush, rush, rush of our daily routines we make sure that there’s stuff we can sit back and appreciate and enjoy.

For me, there’s so much to enjoy, as long as I remember to sit back and take in the moment.  I’m sure I’m not alone in sometimes getting wrapped up in the to-do list so much that I forget to really appreciate some of the wonderful moments happening right now.  So, I want to pay a little gratitude here, if you will indulge me.

1.      My wife – she has been sooooo patient lately with me and my crazy schedule.  She has been more then willing to jump in and help me out with sanding and last-minute crazy ideas like glow in the dark necklaces to throw into the mix for the pop up this weekend.  One of the many reasons I fell in love with her in the first place, her willingness to jump in and give help when needed.

2.      My kiddos – it is absolutely amazing to me to watch two little beings growing and developing their own thoughts, opinions, and personalities.  Parenting is never easy, but it is always amazing. My son blows me away with how much he has matured just in the last year and how much he can lay down some serious facts about animals and dinosaurs.  He starts Kindergarten two weeks from today, and this Mommy is not ready!  Then my daughter is a big bowl of cuddles, laughs, sass and goofiness that keeps me guessing from moment to moment. Love it all!

3.      Work – I am grateful that my day job is something that allows me to spend time connecting with people, helping to make their work life easier while allowing me the flexibility to have time to build my own business. I am ecstatic and grateful for being on this journey of being an entrepreneur. It has a steep learning curve, and I love every last bit of it.  I also love the opportunity to take what I love, creating furniture, and turn it into a business.  There have been many “oops” moments that are full of learnings.  I would not change any of it.

Thank you for indulging me.  I feel the need to keep myself in check and to stand back and take stock of all the people and experiences in my life that I have to be so, so, so very thankful for!

Biggest wins for the day: Having an opportunity to take stock in all the good and sit back and enjoy the moment.

Opportunities for improvement: To keep the blessings top of mind ALWAYS!

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