Diary of a #Mompreneur, Day 28 - With Guest Kay of Kay at Home

Date: August 28, 2018

YTD 2018 Product Sold: $1,356

Finished Inventory Currently on Hand: $13,109

Money raised for Domestic Violence Intervention Program of Iowa City: $136

Yesterday I had the awesome pleasure to do an interview with Kay from Kay at Home about being a Mom, a Maker and an Entrepreneur.  See below for an excerpt of the interview, and then click play on the audio file below for the full thing!

1.      Please introduce your self

My name is Kay Casey and first and foremost a Mom of a wonderful 13-year-old daughter, soon to be 14.  For all of you who have heard that teens can be pretty scary, I’m actually really blessed, because she is a great kid.  Knock on wood, which I have plenty of! She’s a wonderful, wonderful girl.  So first and foremost that is my number one job, being Madison’s Mom. Then following that, I am a maker and artisan and own my own company which is Kay at Home.

2.      How Long have you been a maker and how did you get started?

I started in October of 2016, so I’m quite new at it actually.  Prior to October of 2016, I’d been running a different small business that I’d started just a year before that in the fall of 2015.  I was volunteering at my daughter’s school to do a garden make over and redesign the school’s outdoor spaces.  And with that I was fortunate that my work was widely noticed within my community. So people began to ask the school administrators, “Who’s doing your landscaping”, and they would say that’s a student’s Mom volunteering to redo the gardens. And from that I affectionately became known as garden mom.  I created a small business under that name. So, during spring of 2016 to late fall of 2016 I was able to redesign several gardens and properties in my community.  And then it was fall of 2016 and Canadian winter was about to hit, and Lord knows you can’t landscape here in the winter.  So, in mid-October I went to the barnboard store in Hamilton, and that was my very first time ever going into any such store.  I bought my very first piece of black walnut and I made a sign for my sister. I was hooked, so by February of 2017 I changed my name from Garden Mom to Kay at Home.


3.      Was that the first time you ever picked up a tool or did you have previous experience with tools?

I had zero experience using tools.  I didn’t even own any.  That first piece of walnut needed sanding.  So, I bought a small sander.  Like a little black and decker sander, and it was the very first tool I purchased. I had no clue what it does, but quickly was able to catch on.  From there that was it, I was hooked. I thought this was great.  So, I kept going, went back and bought more products.  Initially I thought I would just make things for family and friends, but realized there was so much I would love to make so it just kept evolving from that point.


Listen to the full interview below!

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