Diary of a #Mompreneur, Day 1

Date: August 1, 2018

Product Sold to Date (2018): $266.50

Finished Inventory on Hand (2018): $11,638

Welcome, welcome, welcome to day 1 of my daily blog.  I warn you now that I have no way of predicting what you will find here every day.  I can however promise to keep it very short and sweet, and an authentic account of a day in the life of at least this #momprenuer.  Today the “day job” took center stage.  I spent the majority of my day teaching (a.k.a talking at) people about ISO 9001:2015 while they blankly stared back at me desperately fighting not to let their eyes close.  I can’t blame them; the material is dry as shit!  Hell, sometimes I have to fight falling asleep while teaching it!  Then it was time to rush off and pick up the kiddos from daycare.  We live about 35 to 40 minutes away from where the kids go to daycare, so the drive in during the AM and drive home during the PM is always a crap shoot.  Today wasn’t half bad…actually managed to do both treks without once having to raise my voice, a minor miracle!  Got home, finished off making dinner (crockpot night, oh ya!), worked on summer reading class home work with the oldest while managing a total terrible two meltdown by the other…again without losing my shit!  (major miracle there!).  Then off to putting the kiddos to bed, where I fight not falling asleep along side my son as we listen to his nightly meditation story via YouTube.  No time to waste, off to making my first VLOG to put up on my new Patreon page (feel free to check out link below), and now writing this post.  I have been up since about 4 AM and now it is 10 PM, and my day is definitely no where near over.  Once I get the Vlog and this blog posted, its time for some fun experimentation with chocolate molds from Michaels and ecoepoxy.

Wins for the day: Not losing my shit with my kids or my wife!

Fails for the day: I’m going to put this one pretty strongly in the win column for today.

Check back tomorrow for whatever shenanigans either I, my family, or both have gotten into!

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