Diary of a #Momprenuer, Week 14

Date: November 5, 2018

YTD 2018 Product Sold: $1,467

Finished Inventory Currently on Hand: $13,771

Money raised for Domestic Violence Intervention Program of Iowa City: $147

Halloween night turned out fantastic.  The whole family got dressed up for trick or treating, and my little one was feeling better and ready to go in time.  It was our longest time out trick or treating yet!  Of course, the kids took in a dump truck sized load of candy, EACH!  Now just need to hide it from them and me!

This weekend was pretty low key, at home with the family, which was a nice change of pace in what seems like a non-stop busy train these days.  We did squeeze in a play date, but even that didn’t get too wild and crazy.  Both my wife and I value letting our kids have down time and time to just be a kid, especially since the oldest is in school now.  I feel like there are so many more activities available to kids these days then what it seemed like when I was a kid.  It may get hard some day to limit the amount of nights they have activities, but I will certainly try.  I feel like they have their whole lives to be double booked and running on fumes, why not let them just have fun time now?!?

I feel like this theme of a balancing act is both hyper active in family life and business life right now.  Feeling a bit scatter brained, I think its time to sit down, make some lists and spreadsheets to help sort it all out and find the priorities and order of operations. I circle back to that whole strategic planning I mentioned in last week’s blog.  Its desperately needed. I need a true picture of what I have coming in and going out, how to grow the coming in, and reduce the going out. Some times I miss the days of having a boss who just tells me the projects that need to be done and the order of importance.  Most days though, I still greatly value being the person who ultimately decides what gets worked on and where this business is going.  I know I’m already making mistakes and I’m sure I will make so many more over the years, but I learn from those mistakes, re-adjust and move forward.

Biggest wins for the week: Getting more business opportunities.

Opportunities for improvement: Need to get a handle on current state and future state business.

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