Episode 34 - Jessie with Built by Jessie


Jessie is a wife, Mom of 3, works a full-time job, and fits making and DIY in where she can.  She grew up spending about 9 months of the year in Florida and the summer months in the Dominican Republic. She has a head for math and numbers and loves working with spreadsheets.

It wasn’t until Jessie was pregnant with her second child that she discovered the joy of DIY, while preparing the room for baby number two. She loves being able to completely transform a space all on her own. Jessie enjoys sharing her love for DIY and woodworking with other members of her family. In fact she travelled in February to her Sisters’ with a car full of tools and they remodeled a room over a matter of a few days!

You can follow along with Jessie on Instagram, Pinterest and her Website.

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