Episode 30 - Sarah and Rachel with Sticks, Inc.


Sticks Object Art and Furniture was started by Sarah Grant in 1992. Sarah started Sticks almost by accident.  She is a degreed artist who really enjoys creating abstract paintings.  A friend of hers aske her to create a nativity set, and that turned into designing other small items such as ornaments and candle stick holders.  Now Sticks has evolved to feature larger items such as dining tables, bed sets and armoires.

As a Mom of 3 young girls she built up Sticks from work she was creating on her own, to now a company that employees 50 people, most of them artists continuing that work on. Each piece of Sticks is still hand made. Most of which is still free-hand sketched by artists, then wood burned to create the classic contours and painted, all one at a time and by hand. There is a new line they call “Simply Sticks” that takes the same classic Sticks designs and aesthetics and prints them on to pieces. This allows for their artisan work to have an option to be sold at a lower price point, creating an easier point of entry for those who love Sticks to begin their collection.

Sarah’s daughter Rachel joined sticks first as an events coordinator 16 years ago, and now is the CEO of sticks and has helped get Sticks through the recession and continue to grow the business. Sarah has retired from the day to day management of Sticks. Rachel and her team still keep the original vision of sticks and the work it creates alive as they continue to build the company and create functional works of art.

You can follow along with Sticks, Inc. through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and their Website.