Episode 31 - Carson with @itotallyhaveaworkshop

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Carson is a wife, Mom of 3, and beginner woodworking.  She is not however a beginner maker. She has enjoyed making in several different areas, including quilting.  Carson grew up as the youngest of 5 in a very creative family. Both of her parents were big into making things from all sorts of materials. Today, her two sisters are also makers. So to say it runs in her blood would probably be an understatement!.

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Her and her husband and oldest child moved just a week before her second was born.  Being away from a community she knew she struggled with postpartum depression.  With her husbands urging and encouragement she took a couple of classes at a local community college. The first class she took was art welding, which she enjoyed, but wasn’t ready to fully commit yet. Then she took a woodworking class and absolutely fell in love. She has started with projects for her home, mainly furniture pieces. With each project she learns more skills and really enjoys that process of learning and making.

Carson really admires her sisters and their creativity as well. You can find one of her sisters, Riley, on Instagram. You can also follow along with Carson as she grows her skills on Instagram.

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