Episode 27 - Jess Crow with Crow Creek Designs


Jess is a Mom of 3 and artist extraordinaire. She started her maker journey as a child of humble beginnings who learned very early that if you want something, we have to make it.  She has carried that spirit with her and taught her children the same value of handmade items.  Originally she gained momentum in the beading world, she was even published twice in a national beading magazine.

Then one day she needed a table for her bedroom. So she made one out of pallet wood, and being the amazing artist she is, she made the top look like the aurora lights. Once she got the table in her space though, it just didn’t seem to fit the space, so she threw the table up for sale on Craigslist, and BOOM! People everywhere wanted one. That’s when she knew that there was a place for her artistry, that other people wanted their furniture to also be art.

You can follow along with Jess on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and her Website.

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