Episode 22 - Alicia Jackson


Alicia Jackson is a wife, mom, full time engineer, and woodworker and builder.  Alicia grew up exposed to building and construction, but it wasn't until a need for a project at home did she venture into the world of woodworking and building on her own.  She concentrates on making projects based on things her and her family need at home and makes video tutorials that she posts on YouTube.  She has a 5 year old son and another little boy on the way in about 4 weeks.

Though her Mom may give her a hard time about how she just wants to get tools for her birthday and Christmas now, she feels completely at home in the shop. Her strategy is to start with the smaller projects, and thus the smaller tools and work her way up. And though her energy has been zapped during her current pregnancy, she has not let that stop her from making and building.

You can find and follow Alicia on Instagram and YouTube.

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