Episode 21 - Britt with Overalls & Powersaws


Britt is a wife, Mom of 4, all 7 years old and younger, and natural born woodworker.  She grew up with two parents who were rather crafty.  Her Dad had his own shop. It wasn't until she had a need for a large dinning room table that she decided to take the plunge into woodworking herself.  Now she makes furniture, home décor, mosaics and mountain art while being a stay at home Mom for her 4 kiddos.

Once she made that first project, she had the bug to make more. She makes things for her own home and for her family and friends. About a year ago she entered into the world of being a blogger, creating tutorials on all of her builds that she puts up on her blog. She is enjoying learning the process of creating tutorials and the community of makers she is finding.

You can follow Britt on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and her Website.

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