Episode 23 - Jenny with Sacred Cinder


Jenny is a Wife, Mom of two boys, and a maker.  Currently she is a stay-at-home Mom, but with her youngest starting Kindergarten in the fall she is looking forward of entering the workforce again.  She mainly makes signs and other home décor out of wood, but she has started venturing into the world of furniture for her own home.  What started as a way to keep her sanity as a stay-at-home mom has grown into something she never imagined.

After realizing that taking on orders for signs and other décor was encroaching into other areas of her life, and making something she loved stressful, Jenny made the hard decision to stop taking orders. This has allowed her to find the joy in making again. It has also created other avenues such as teaching sign making classes and creating a blog while getting to make what she loves to make.

You can follow Jenny on Instagram, Facebook and her Website.

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