Episode 18 - Anika with Anika DIY Life


Anika is a wife, mother of two and DIY blogger living in Southern California.  Anika has her doctorate in Electrical Engineering and was succeeding in that career when she started her woodworking journey.  It all started with the need for a fun set of table and chairs for her oldest kiddo.  She looked everywhere, but just couldn't find what she wanted.  With some encouragement from her husband she started on her DIY woodworking journey.

Her journey started with painting furniture and décor pieces and quickly evolved into woodworking through the help of Ana White plans. After a few moves and a break from the “day job”, the time came for Anika to go back to full-time work. However, she realized that she really wanted to turn her new found DIY skills and a blog into a full-time job while also getting to stay home with her two kids. And as they say, the rest is HER-story!

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