Episode 20 - Brad & Susan with Fix This Build That


Went a little bit outside the box on this episode, probably will do this from time to time.

Brad has been the face of Fix This Build That and the co-host of Made For Profit for a few years now.  Toward the end of last year his wife, Susan, joined full time into Fix This Build That.  During this episode they share about how they both played a part in the journey for creating Fix This Build That, how family has to come first, and how working together all day as a married couple has seemed like a natural fit for them.

Once I heard on Brad and John’s Made for Profit podcast that Susan had joined Brad full time with Fix This Build That, I just new I wanted to get an interview with the two of them. It was fun learning how Susan went from more of a supportive role in the background (though all of the best ideas for Fix This Build That had come from Susan!) to a more public partner role. The whole journey thus far and looking forward to the future was covered. From starting as a very part time hustle to making the move to full time, twice!

You can follow along with Fix This Build That on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and their Website.

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