Episode 19 - Char with Wooden Maven

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Char is a wife, Mom of 4, two of which are twins, and a natural born builder and woodworker.  Char and her husband were both in the height of their careers when they found out they were expecting twins.  After the initial shock wore off, Char realized this was her opportunity to leave the corporate world behind, stay home with her kids and build things. And now she is a work from home Mom who is building her business as a woodworker and maker.  She has even landed a spot on TV!

Char shares with us her passion for making and how she knows its in her blood, from childhood on. She talks about how building and making is her only outlet at times and it helps her get through the hustle of being a work from home mom of four and a wife. Plus her fire for life is contagious!

As a woman in a typically male dominated field she has had to face people’s first impressions, and soldier through, letting her work do the talking for her. And you won’t want to miss her words of advice at the end to her fellow mama’s out there!

You can find Char on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and her Website.

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