Episode 17 - Martina with Knotty By Nature (KBN) Decor


Martina is a woodworker and Mom of two teenage boys. Her and her wife run KNB Décor where they work with clients to create custom designed furniture. Martina has an array of skills from traditional woodworking methods to CNC. Her youngest son has an interest in engineering and has learned CNC and 3D modeling at school, Martina jokes that both boys serve as the company’s IT department. An injury caused Martina to have to leave her position as a paramedic and go full-time with her custom furniture business sooner then she expected. 

Since she did not have time to build up her clientele in advance or layout a business plan due to the injury, she feels that gives her that much more incentive to really push to build her skills in both the shop and the business. Martina shares about some of the challenges she has faced with pricing and gaining new clients and her plans for growing her business in this new year will help her grow even faster!

You can find Martina and KBN Décor on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and her Website.

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