Episode 13 - Courtney with The Sweetest Little Life


Courtney is a Mom of 3, maker, entrepreneur, and author.  She truly is doing ALL the things and totally rocking it!  Courtney shares with us her journey from make up artist to maker to overnight Etsy success story! She also shares a bit of the highs and the lows of Mom life, including the difficult birth of the latest addition to the family. 

Courtney graduated from cosmetology school and spent about 10 years as a make up artist, which included having her own salon. After becoming a Mom and realizing she was spending so much time away from home and her kiddos she decided she needed to find something that would allow her time with her family and the ability to contribute to the family income. She was always passionate about art, and decided to start an Etsy store as a hobby that would also bring in a little extra cash. Then, one of her mug designs got featured by Etsy and she went from 1 to 2 orders a week to 60 orders a day overnight. Then she knew she had a real business and left cosmetology and jumped in full time to her maker career.

You can find Courtney on Instagram and her Blog, plus, don’t forget to check out her book!

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