Episode 14 - Tiffany with Staying Inside the Grey


Tiffany is a Mom of 1 and maker extraordinaire.  She has done all sorts of making from crafting to stained glass and now woodworking and starting to dabble with welding.  She finds that making helps to ground her in a way nothing else has.

This interview was previously recorded an released through my “Diary of a #Momprenuer” blog. Below is an excerpt from the interview. To see the full original post, you can click here.


In today’s Maker Mom interview, I talk with Tiffany (Tiff) from Staying inside the Grey.  Now Tiffany does not sell what she makes, nor is she currently planning on turning her making into a business, but there is still a great purpose for her making.

1.      Please introduce your self

I’m Tiffany, just turned 40 this year, I’m a Mom. I’ve been in law enforcement for 12 years as a sworn police officer and a little bit longer as a civilian. I basically just use making to balance the chaos of life, I find it extremely therapeutic. Being a Mom and a wife and historically working full-time, that’s sort of my way of coping and releasing and just balancing out that scale.

2.      How Long have you been a maker and how did you get started?

I’ve always been a creative type.  You know as a kid I was always making something or using my Mom’s old eye shadow as paint or something crazy. Making masks out of paper mache because we had flour and water I could get into. I’ve always been in someway creating something.  I think I lean on that creativity in the tough times of my life. Even though I’ve always been a maker, a creative person, whether its sewing or stained glass, woodworking has only come about since 2016 for me, so just a couple of years.  After I experienced some trauma in my life and I discovered that woodworking is the best medicine for me.  That’s sort of when I picked up woodworking as a serious hobby and I’ve kind of been addicted to it ever since.

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