Episode 09 - A Talk with Tiff


Tiffany (Tiff) with Staying Inside the Grey and I talk about life as a Mom to littles, and the pressures of anxiety and depression that touch so many lives.  We chat about how making helps us work through those difficult times and moments.  How it can help ground us when nothing else seems to be working.

The idea for this specific episode of the Podcast has been brewing for a bit in my mind. I wanted to have a conversation with someone I knew could allow themselves to be vulnerable and share her story and her struggles while also shinning a light on what she does to help get through those tougher times. Tiff was the first person to pop into my head, because she was the perfect fit! We both share moments of vulnerability in this episode and we both talk about how making is a physical form of therapy for us both.

You can catch my previous interview with Tiff about her maker journey here.

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