Episode 07 - Valerie with Old Soul Designs


In this episode I talk with Valerie of Old Souls Designs.  A mom of 3 boys, military wife, and woodworker extraordinaire.  You can often find this busy Mom working hard in the shop she built!  That's right, she built her own shop, complete with a clubhouse for her kids. I mean seriously, how cool would that be to have a clubhouse in your shop!!

Though her journey into making may have started out of necessity, it is definitely something in her blood. Her Mom was an electrician and could clearly handle herself in the making world, and that was not lost on her daughters. That’s right, Valerie’s sister also has a woodworking business. Valerie keeps it real with sharing some of the hurdles she has overcome being a woman who had an aptitude for fields traditionally dominated by men. She is someone every maker Mom should follow for sure!

You can find Valerie on Instagram, Facebook, and her website.

You can check out the pants with all the pockets that helped get her off that roof here!

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