Episode 04 - Brandy Aube with Studio Aube

Brandy Aube is an amazing maker, and the first non-woodworker for the show.  She does stunning work with metal, and oh, she's also a Mom and has a day job. Brandy talks about her childhood, growing up in a family of creatives, teaching her there's nothing she cannot do.  She has been welding and fabricating for 18 years, plus she can refinish furniture and upholster! Oh, and did I mention her and her husband built their house while she was pregnant with her son? 


Though it seems like there’s nothing she can’t do, she does also share with us the struggle of trying to manage all the things and find balance. Struggling with making sure the bills get paid and going for her dream as a designer and fabricator with her own line of furniture! Brandy has an absolute passion for design and fabrication which helps her push through. I found so much inspiration through this episode, and I know all my other maker moms out there will as well!


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