Episode 02 - Ellen Smith with Little Bare Furniture

In Episode 02 I have the great pleasure of speaking with Ellen Smith of Little Bare Furniture in Ohio.  If you aren't following her journey, you need to be!  She has a degree in sculpture, is a wife, mom of 2, and absolutely rocking the world of carving and creating sculpted chairs, benches, tables, planters. 

I have been following Ellen for a while now on Instagram. I was first attracted to her feed because she was the first female I saw doing woodworking like me, and that is using an angle grinder to carve wood into pieces of furniture. Plus she is a Mom, so hey another thing in common. In this interview we cover everything from her childhood then college and making a big change in her major in order to allow herself to also focus on creating her other dream of becoming a Mom. She shares her struggles of being a maker while going through extremely tough pregnancies twice and working through postpartum depression. Ellen talks about all the amazing things going on in her life and how some days she has it all figured out and others maybe not so much. And oh, don’t worry, we do a fair amount of shop talk as well!

You can follow along Ellen’s journey as a maker mom on Instagram or on her website.

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