Episode 230 – Ceramicist Alex Simon

Alex is a queer sparkle queen, ceramic artist, Jewnicorn, community enthusiast, rhinestoner, dog-mom, and extroverted-Aries who is currently making magic and art in Portland, OR.  Everything she makes is about her unique experience in this world as a multifaceted extravagant being. After graduating from Bennington College with a concentration in Visual Arts, she followed her heart and adventurous soul westward, landing in Oregon. Before starting her own business, she worked in multiple production pottery studios as a mold-maker and slip-caster. When Alex is not covered in clay, she is tending to her secret alley garden, bedazzling everything within reach, salting everything she can’t glitter, obsessing over her perfect dog, and probably looking at rainbow sequin outfits on the internet.

You can find Alex’s work on Instagram and her Website.

Don’t miss her most recent studio music video.

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