Episode 185 – Pottery by Osa Atoe

Pottery by Osa grew out of her kitchen in New Orleans in 2015 and has since expanded to a full sized studio space at her home in Florida. She took her first pottery class at the age of 34 after playing in various punk bands for about 15 years. Punk isn’t about longevity or technique, it’s about urgency and primal expression. Being in bands and making zines helped her build the confidence to share her creative projects with others without worrying if they were good enough. By the time Osa discovered clay, she feels she was looking for a challenge. She wanted the chance to work on something for a sustained amount of time and become skilled. With her new ceramic practice, she decided she would prioritize pleasure, follow her intuition and avoid overthinking.

You can find and follow along with Osa on Instagram and her Website.

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