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I am a self-employed Artist/Designer/Maker and Content Creator. I am deeply passionate about building my own skillset in designing and making while encouraging others to begin their own making journey. I produce content such as DIY tutorial blogs, YouTube videos, and host a weekly podcast.

I strongly believe that all of this information should be available for free to whom ever needs to consume it to strengthen their own journey as an artist, designer, and/or maker.

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I love interviewing real life Wonder Women and sharing their stories with my community. 

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Bar Stool with Swivel, Green

The bar stool seat is a carved seat made of cedar wood and dyed green using a fabric dye and finished with several coats of lacquer with a matte finish…

Custom Carved Bowl

A modern, sleek and uniquely designed handmade wooden bowl in beautiful spalted wood that exemplifies hand crafted expertise…

Entryway Table

Come closer to this entryway table, and you will discover an eclectic blending of colors, textures, and materials in a vibrant one-of-a-kind artistic pieces…


"I love Freeman Furnishings for the gorgeousness of the end product (all of it is art) and the fun of seeing how Katie makes it all. One-of-a-kind pieces of usable art made with such expertise and love, not to mention countless hours of concentrated work. Each piece is a vision realized.

I have a gorgeous resin and hard maple orange coffee table reminiscent of an Iowa sunset, two side tables (turquoise and orange), and a wood and resin river wall art piece along with matching coasters. They make my living room joyful, artistic, and bright. I get so many compliments on each piece Katie made and I have the honor of having in my home. I can't say enough good things about Katie and Freeman Furnishings."
Amylia Yeaman



"I bought a set of beautifully colored coasters of Freeman’s Furnishings at Luxe Interiors. My original plan was to have them in my salon, but once my husband saw them, he insisted we keep them at the house. We use them every night and they have held up great. I will definitely be purchasing more, as they will make great gifts."
Lindsy Devin Tadlock

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